Custom Order Ticket
Custom Order Ticket
Custom Order Ticket

Custom Order Ticket

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FULLY CUSTOMIZED Leather goods, just like you have dreamt of.

This Custom Order Ticket gets you in queue to have the bespoke Directive piece you've always wanted, made just for you. 

Custom Order tickets are limited quarterly.

I will contact you via email about your Custom Order item and we will discuss the project, the leather and hardware options and a price range. Once we have finalized the custom piece you will be invoiced for 50% of your total, minus the $50 deposit. Upon completion you will be invoiced for the remaining balance and the custom piece will be shipped to you.

Custom Order items will have a 1-4 month turnaround unless noted on the front page of our site.

Things to know before you purchase a custom ticket:

-Pricing for custom work really depends on the project, but nearly all projects begin over $100 and could be up to $2000+ based on materials, complexity in patterning, and overall construction methods used.

-On average, custom work takes 20-40+ hours from concept to completion. Any deadlines for completion need to be determined before work can begin on the project.

-I prioritize custom work that fits into the following categories: handbags, briefcases and other larger work bags, belts, wallets and document holders, watch straps, and sports balls.  I prefer projects that use higher quality leathers and more traditional leathercraft techniques like handsewing.

-If your custom project does not end up being a good fit or the pricing quote does not match your budget, you will be refunded your Custom Order Ticket price in full.

Please use the Contact Us form for any additional inquiries about Custom Orders.